Newborn Photographer Staffordshire | Baby Sofia

Last week I had the pleasure of a little visitor at the photography studio for a newborn portrait session. Mum Clare was searching for a newborn photographer in Staffordshire and came across my fixed price portrait sessions, she booked immediately buying online. With so many photographers around I think it’s important to offer something a little more upfront for my clients. In days gone by (and it still happens) photography studios would attract clients with cheap offers and then sell high priced frames and prints. My view is that it’s time for a fresh approach and I want my clients to know exactly what to expect from a newborn studio portrait, or any portrait session in fact; my clients are unanimous in saying that they want to know exactly what it costs to get some beautiful baby photos before they commit.

So what should you expect from a newborn photoshoot? Well the answer really depends on baby, that little bundle calls the shots throughout the whole portrait shoot: I’ve had babies sleep through the whole thing, and others that wouldn’t settle. You should expect to be in the studio for up to four¬†hours, and in some extreme cases only get a few photograph in the end. During Sofia’s session she was a very¬†unsettled, three nappies and four hours produced only five final photographs! I’m sure you’ll agree the end result is absolutely worth the effort. Clare has also ordered a large framed print of this image, I think that it’s got a little fine art portraiture feel and look at those lips too, cute or what! I think it’s a timeless newborn portrait and will look great even in years to come, what do you think? So if you’re looking for a newborn photographer in Staffordshire and you’d like more information, please click here

Ian did an such a great job with our wedding photos, he was the obvious choice to do studio portraits of our little girl. He was incredibly patient and understanding through the several hours of crying and fussiness, and the results were well worth all the effort – they are simply stunning and we couldn’t be more pleased!
Mum Clare