In celebration of ten years shooting weddings I’ve decided to launch a new concept to help raise money for charity. The idea is that as suppliers of the wedding industry we could collectively support charitable donations and give a little back to those who need it. The concept is primarily aimed at Wedding Photographers but donations and involvement are welcome from other wedding industry suppliers, wedding bloggers, and also clients. The Wedding industry is valued at well over one billion pounds in the UK alone; the actual cost of the wedding, photographer, honeymoon, and then on top guest expenses and trade events, you can see how it easily adds up. There are hundreds of articles online about the breakdown of cost so I won’t go into that, but with 250,000 weddings each year just a simple tenner from each wedding we play a part of could make a huge difference. To be clear, I’m not asking for £10 from each wedding or even from each of you reading this, I simply want to convey the potential… Each wedding will have a collection of suppliers; photographers, dresses, cars, make-up, florist and venues, to name a but a few, if each of us just dropped even £1 per booking it would all add up. Imagine, £10 x 250,000 weddings, that’s £2.5 million quid without breaking a sweat!

You guys as Photographers need to be leading the way on this… (hence the name ‘GROUP SHOT’) and as the friendly collective that we are, we could smash this clean out of the park! Let’s do it!!

How can you help

You can either Start your own page and join our team or you can just share the team page to promote donations.


If you do choose to start your own page then we’d love you to choose Macmillan but you don’t have to. When prompted click “doing your own thing”

1: After you’ve joined then please share the hell out this or the Just Giving page… Group Shot Just Giving Page

2: Add the Group Shot badge to your website with a clickable link to the Just Giving Page (or simply add a donate button, see below for code if you’re stuck)

3: Tell everyone to Text TOGS50 and the £ amount to 70070 

4: On your booking form, say that you are going to donate a portion of your fee to Macmillan and ask if your clients would like to match it.

5: Tell all your industry friends and colleagues about Group Shot and let’s help make the biggest impact we can!




Why I chose Macmillan

I think it’s impossible to go through life these days and not be affected in some way by Cancer; the state of the NHS is getting worse and the government refuses to put money in the right places. So let’s put the funding directly into the hands of people who can make a difference! My family has personal experience of Macmillan and I’ve heard of lots of other stories from photographers whose lives have been touched by Macmillan Care. Let’s make a difference in 2017 and beyond. You can read more about Macmillan Care on the charity’s website.

If you want to add a donate button just paste this code into your web page …. ( using the Text Tab not the visual design if you are wordpress based )

<a href=’’ title=’JustGiving – Sponsor me now!’ target=’_blank’><img src=’’ width=’270′ height=’50’ alt=’JustGiving – Sponsor me now!’ /></a>

It should look like this  JustGiving - Sponsor me now!


Also a massive shout out to Matt Jones for the donation of our group logo ! If anyone needs any design work doing then Matt Jones is your man !!